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You may remember Rob from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or The Haunted Airman but he's most famous for Edward Cullen, the role that made him a household name in the much anticipated big screen adaption of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.

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It’s True: Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Are Engaged! »

Looks like ‘Ol Patty and this British pop star are going to tie the knot!

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are engaged, sources confirm to E! News. Rapper T-Pain first spilled the beans to Vulture on Wednesday, but then later backtracked, claiming his confession was an April Fools’ joke (looks like he was just trying to cover up his tracks!).

While the pair have only been dating since September, their whirlwind engagement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to fans, considering E! News reported last month that Pattinson had already given his ladylove a promise ring back in December.

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Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Robert Pattinson to Star in Harmony Korine’s ‘The Trap’ »

Idris Elba will replace Jamie Foxx alongside Benicio Del Toro in Harmony Korine’s “The Trap,” which will co-star Robert Pattinson, James Franco and Al Pacino. Focus Features is in negotiations to acquire U.S. rights to the film, an individual with knowledge of the pending deal has told TheWrap.

A representative for Focus declined to comment.

Set against the backdrop of the Miami music scene, “The Trap” finds Del Toro playing an ex-con out for revenge against a gangster rapper and former friend (Elba) who let him take the fall for a robbery they committed 14 years earlier.

Franco will play Elba’s drug-addled manager, while Pacino will play Del Toro’s parole officer. Pattinson will play a surfer who helps Del Toro exact revenge.

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Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

A Minute With: Robert Pattinson on fame, fans and ‘Fifty Shades’ »

(Reuters) – Despite selecting characters that would remove him from his best-known role as a hunky, brooding teen vampire, British actor Robert Pattinson cannot seem to shake his “Twilight” past.

At the Berlin Film Festival premiere of “Life,” in which Pattinson plays a photographer renowned for taking iconic photos of actor James Dean, a bevy of screaming girls awaited the 28-year-old actor, some lining up for hours to meet their “Twilight” idol.

Pattinson reflected on his career, being the inspiration for “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the “Twi-hard” fan base.

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Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Rob Pattinson flirts with Julianne Moore in twisted Maps to the Stars »

David Cronenberg specializes in psychological horror, so it’s no surprise that his skewering of Hollywood in Maps to the Stars is as disturbing as any film he’s ever made. Written by novelist Bruce Wagner, Maps tells the story of the scarred Weiss family—most famous because of son Benjie (Evan Bird), a Culkin-like star of the hit comedy Bad Babysitter who’s growing uncomfortably comfortable with his growing clout while he simultaneously crashes in to puberty. His chain-smoking mother (Olivia Williams) plots his next career move, while his father (John Cusack) is a renowned TV psychologist with famous clients. One of them is the aging actress Havana Segrand (Julianne Moore), who is obsessed with starring in the remake of her famous mother’s greatest film.

Any sense of serenity is disturbed when Agatha (Mia Wasikowska) arrives in L.A. on a bus from Florida. Sweet but awkward, with severe burns on her body, she befriends her limo driver (Rob Pattinson), expresses an interest in tracking down the Weisses, and finagles a job as Havana’s assistant based on a recommendation from Carrie Fisher. Hollywood is a small, small world. Practically incestuous.

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Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Robert Pattinson, Carice van Houten Join Thriller ‘Brimstone’ »

Robert Pattinson and Carice van Houten (“Game of Thrones”) have joined Mia Wasikowska and Guy Pearce in thriller “Brimstone.” Embankment is selling at the European Film Market in Berlin.

Pattinson plays an outlaw who has a crucial influence on this tale of retribution. Wasikowska plays Liz, a heroine on the run from her past, pursued by Pearce’s diabolical Preacher.

“Martin directs a highly emotional, gripping and unique story of a mesmerizing woman who battles the vengeance of a zealot,” said Embankment’s Tim Haslam.

Pic, which starts principal photography in May, is penned and helmed by Martin Koolhoven, who directed Dutch box-office hit “Winter in Wartime.”

via variety

Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson Will Be In The Same Movie And People Are Really Excited »

Why does this not happen always?

It was recently announced that Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam will be replacing Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie adaption of The Lost City of Z by David Grann. The book tells the real life story of British explorer Percival Fawcett (to be played by Hunnam), who disappeared in the Amazon while looking for an ancient lost city. Cumberbatch had to pull out as he will be starring in Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

The Lost City of Z will also star Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson. Yes. Robert Pattinson.

This means that Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson will be starring in a movie together. Fans took to Facebook to let the world know how they felt about this. Check out some of the comments below.

see comments here

Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Robert Pattinson plays guitar on 2013 Death Grips track »

Need more Robert Pattinson in your life? Just listen to Death Grips’ “Birds”—the Twilight star plays guitar on the track.

Pattinson appeared alongside the Death Grips members in a 2013 photo that sparked rumors about the actor working with the band. As it turns out, Pattinson was working with the band on their 2013 album, Government Plates.

As Pitchfork noticed, a Reddit user pointed out Pattinson’s guitar credit on “Birds,” a song on the album. Although both the song and album were released in 2013, this detail is just being noticed thanks to the album’s physical release on Black Friday.

Death Grips have since disbanded, although their final album, The Powers That B, will still be distributed once it’s completed. No word on whether Pattinson makes a cameo on that one, though.

via ew.com

Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Robert Pattinson and His Crazy New ‘Do Bid $6,000 at Charity Auction: Get the Scoop! »

Unsurprisingly, Robert Pattinson—and his insane new hairdo—stole the spotlight last night at the 7th Annual Go Go Gala in Beverly Hills, where the 28-year-old hunk showed his support for the charity, which works to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

The former Twilight star is close with the organization’s founder, Scott Fifer, with whom he posed for pics on red carpet (Pattinson also attended the event last year).

According to an eyewitness, FKA Twigs man arrived solo and earlier than expected, and, despite being the biggest star in the room, he kept a low profile before he took a moment to walk the red carpet, showing off his headline-making hairstyle.

“He wasn’t being bothered by anyone and seemed to be enjoying himself before the dinner began, and, even though there were young girls present, he was not approached by any Twi-hards!” the eyewitness said.

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Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Robert De Niro And Robert Pattinson’s ‘Idol’s Eye’ Shuttered »

Benaroya Pictures has shut down the Robert De Niro, Robert Pattinson, and Rachel Weisz heist thriller Idol’s Eye, just as filming was set to commence in Toronto. “Due to the criteria for financing not being met by producers, Benaroya Pictures has formally decided to discontinue financing the motion picture titled Idol’s Eye,” the production company said in a statement today.

Idol’s Eye was to be director Olivier Assayas’s next film following Cannes entry Clouds of Sils Maria, starring Juliette Binoche and another Twilight star, Kristen Stewart. Benaroya came aboard as producer and financer in May, when De Niro also signed on to star. The film was originally developed by Charles Gillibert who was producing with CG Cinema, Bluegrass Films’ Scott Stuber, Film 360’s Scott Lambert, Alexandra Milchan and Michael Benaroya.

Filming was initially slated to begin in October in Chicago and Toronto. Benaroya Pictures, whose films include Margin Call, Kill Your Darlings, and the Werner Herzog’s upcoming Queen of the Desert co-starring Pattinson, say they were forced to shut down production after other producers on the project failed to meet financing deadlines.

“The company cannot continue to put its investment at risk and has been forced to stop cash flowing the production,” read Benaroya Pictures’ statement. “This is something all of us wanted to avoid, but due to the producers missing a number of financing criteria deadlines that were mutually established by all parties, we were left with no other options. Benaroya Pictures plans to retain the rights of the film and move forward with production on the picture after we generate a revised script and assemble a new filmmaking team.”

Ben Sachs was aboard as exec producer. CAA and WME were repping domestic rights while International Film Trust was set to rep foreign sales this month at AFM.

via deadline

Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

Twilight fan marries cardboard cut-out of Robert Pattinson in Las Vegas »

Lauren Adkins, 25, married the life-size flat pack image of vampire Edward Cullen from the movies – after spotting it in a record shop

Sitting next to her husband in a bar, Lauren orders a gin and tonic.

She nods towards Edward and tells the barman: “He’ll have a beer.”

The barman looks at her as if she has gone completely mad because the “man” next to her is made of cardboard.

Lauren Adkins, 25, is ­married to a life-size cut-out of vampire Edward Cullen from the Twilight movies, played by Robert Pattinson.

She says: “We got hitched in Las Vegas last year and I’m sure we’re happier than most newlyweds.

“People might think I’m crazy but my flat-pack R-Patz is the closest I’ll get to the real thing and he’s the one for me.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been ­obsessed with romantic fairytale endings.

“When I was a child, I watched the Disney ­versions of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella until the tapes wore out.”

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Original post by Jen over at our partner site. Check them out for more Twilight!

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